Aero Effect is now available

We just released our newest game, Aero Effect, on iOS and Android! You can get it here.


Race an “aero” (with realistic lift and drag physics) through a maze of animated, geometric peril. The aero actually uses some of the same lift and drag equations from SimplePlanes, so if you’re not careful and you lose your airspeed, you can stall it out!

It’s a bit different than our other games, but we had a blast developing this game and we hope you enjoy it! Here’s the trailer.

Dev Story

This game may seem a bit out of the blue to some of you, because it is quite a bit different than the heavy simulation games we normally make. I just wanted to make a game that was actually somewhat simple, a break from the complexity of *Simple*Rockets 2. So, I did a game jam by myself over Christmas break last year (I’m somewhat addicted to programming). At that point, it looked something like this.

When I showed it to the team after the new year, it was met with a warm welcome of “meh’s”, but Kevin had some ideas on how to improve the visuals, so he took it over for a while and made a few levels (then it looked something like this). Whenever I was burnt out on working on SimpleRockets 2, because heavy simulation games are hard as hell to write, I would take a break by working on Aero Effect. SR2 didn’t need a lot of art yet, so Kevin kept very busy with Aero Effect, designing the visuals and all 50 levels. Philip, Nathan, and William kept busy working on SP and SR2.


William and Nathan are currently working on the SimplePlanes 1.7 update and we’re hoping to release that next month. And after the 1.7 update, we will immediately start working on the 1.8 update. Fear not, we have not abandoned Simpleplanes!

In the meantime, Philip and I are full steam ahead on SimpleRockets 2, and Kevin is bouncing around between SP and SR2.

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