A novel virus has been detected in the country. It is estimated that 181m people will become infected leading to 18m hospitalizations and 2m deaths. A vaccine is expected in one year.

Your job is to slow the spread of the virus and save as many lives as possible until then. You have two ways to fight the virus:

1. Enact Social Distancing or Lockdowns across the entire country or just specific states.
2. Deploy Hospital Beds from the National Stockpile to the states to help accommodate the surge of patients.

The point of this simulation game is to explore how infections and deaths might be affected by short term efforts to reduce the daily transmission rates of a virus by social distancing and lockdown.

This simulation is based on the SIR model. The compartments used are Susceptible, Exposed, Infected, Recovering, and Recovered. The Recovering compartment is further broken down into three sub-compartments: Non-Hospitalized, Hospitalized, and Over Capacity. Higher death rates are applied to Over Capacity than Hospitalized and no death rates are applied to Non-Hospitalized.