SimplePlanes VR is available on Steam and Oculus Quest 1 & 2.

SimplePlanes VR is a flight sim with an ever-expanding collection of aircraft to download and fly for free. Airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats, and more are available and new crafts are added every day.

  • Fully immersive cockpits and virtual controls that you can reach out and grab with your hands
  • Download and fly any number of crafts from for free
  • Escort a bomber, torpedo a WW2 destroyer, dogfight enemy aircraft, obliterate a convoy, and several more combat challenges are included
  • Fly around in sandbox mode and engage neutral aircraft and ships or spawn enemy aircraft to dogfight whenever it suits your fancy
  • Explore islands and airports to unlock secret locations
  • Includes several air and car racecourses to compete against A.I. opponents
  • One of the very few flight sims available for Oculus Quest, and the only one that includes helicopters and such a wide variety of aircraft!

Note: SimplePlanes VR does not include a building mode. All crafts are built in the original SimplePlanes.

Bonus Note: If you already own SimplePlanes, then purchasing SimplePlanes VR will also unlock VR mode in your original SimplePlanes. This means you will be able to easily jump into VR at any time during flight so you can easily test your builds in VR.