SimplePlanes VR is coming December 17th to Steam and Oculus Quest 1 & 2. You can wishlist on Steam today.

SimplePlanes VR is a flight sim with an ever-expanding collection of aircraft to download and fly for free. Airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats, and more are available and new crafts are added every day.

● Crafts with fully immersive cockpits have virtual controls that you can reach out and grab with virtual hands.
● Download and fly crafts from for free. Even if it does not have a fully immersive cockpit, you can still fly from the chase, orbit, and fly-by camera modes.
● If you’d rather use a gamepad, joystick, or HOTAS you can do that as well.
● Engage enemy aircraft with air-to-air missiles, such as the Guardian which is a highly maneuverable short-range missile, or fire and forget with the long-range Interceptor missile.
● Assault ground threats with an extensive arsenal of air-to-ground weapons and sink ships with torpedos.
* Take off from an aircraft carrier with a launch catapult system and land on the carrier deck by snagging the arresting cable. Just make sure you pick an aircraft with a tailhook.
* Multiple islands to explore such as Snowstone, the ice-covered island with a hidden base, and Maywar a desert island with a mysterious pyramid.
* Race against AI opponents in several courses.

Note: SimplePlanes VR does not include a building mode. All crafts are built in the original SimplePlanes.

Bonus Note: If you already own SimplePlanes, then purchasing SimplePlanes VR will also unlock VR mode in your original SimplePlanes. This means you will be able to easily jump into VR at any time during flight so you can easily test your builds in VR.