I grew up with an interest in both computing and aviation, and started my first programming projects when I must have been 9 or 10, in Visual Basic. I soon moved on to Python with a Raspberry Pi, and spent the first few years of secondary school (or high school, whatever you call it) teaching myself to code from the Internet. At the same time I also started learning to fly gliders, and flew solo shortly after turning 14, which is the minimum age to fly a glider solo in the UK.

I picked up SimplePlanes modding when I was about 13, and though I had no idea how any of the scripting worked straight away, I slowly caught the bug and learned C# from the internet and from some generous other modders. SP modding was the best possible crossover for me, combining aviation, programming, and a low enough entry level. I love jumping into new areas and learning things as I go along – everything I do here is somewhat new, and every time I do something new I come away with more knowledge.

I started at Jundroo looking for some work experience in the holidays, but it’s been 2 years since I started as I’m writing this and I’m so glad it was more than just a few months!