SimplePhysics featured in App Treasure Hunter

SimplePhysics received a favorable review in App Treasure Hunter, which is a website that finds great educational games for kids. Here is the review:

This app is a very fun game that combines science with critical thinking and problem solving. The app houses a ton of building scenarios where the user is called upon to engineer a structure, which must be capable of holding a certain amount of weight for a certain amount of time.
The goal of the app is to teach basic physics and engineering. Part of each challenge is to create the structure within a budget. The finished product is rated between 1 and 3 stars depending on if it does the trick and what the budget was.

The blueprint can be tested and slowed down so you can review where your design is failing and so be able to go back and fix it. It also has a stress display that will show you the weak parts of the design.

This app will develop engineering insight. Through using it you will discover many a design type that is commonly used in construction and learn by trial and error.

This game is a lot of fun to play ,whether or not you are learning the subject. If you are studying physics or engineering, then all the better.

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