Landing a rover on Smoon

It seems that every time I release a new game, my players manage to do the impossible. SimpleRockets has been no different. Within just days after release, I am seeing high scores that I never thought would be possible, and I’m seeing picture albums detailing long, complex, and well thought out missions that players are creating by themselves in the Sandbox mode.

Landing a Rover on Smoon

Banjerpickin managed to get a rover all the way to Smoon and land it safely. He even built a skycrane to safely get the rover down to the surface. Really impressive!

You can see the full album here, and you can see the discussion on reddit here.

Smearth to Smenus

Nut007 managed to build a rocket to get himself all the way from Smearth to Smenus.

You can see the full album here, and you can see the discussion on reddit here.

SimpleRockets Forums

Actually it’s a sub-reddit.

If you have a question about the game, or want to see more of this stuff, please visit the SimpleRockets subreddit.

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