SimplePlanes Early Access

Our newest game, SimplePlanes is now in alpha testing and we are offering Early Access if you want to play it now and help us test it to find bugs and help us decide what new features to implement. Note: This is for PC only.

If you buy the game now, in this early access, you will get all future updates for free. I am giving away the first 10 copies for free. Enjoy!

Get it here.


Here are the features currently in the game:

  • Highly Flexible Aircraft Designer
    The most flexible in-game aircraft designer the world has ever seen!
  • Realistic Flight Physics
    Snap wings on, adjust control surfaces and more…all of your decisions impact flight performance!
  • Drag Model
    Drag is calculated based on the geometry of your airplane.
  • Damage Model
    Parts and wings can break off, but you can keep flying as long as you can keep control of your airplane.
  • Customize Aircraft Appearance
    Paint any part of your aircraft or use presets to style the aircraft just the way you want.
  • Sandbox Mode
     Test your aircraft to its limits.

Early Access Alpha Testing

Remember, this is alpha testing. This is well before beta testing and it means the game is largely unfinished. There are many missing features, and scored challenges are forthcoming. There are bugs. We know about some. Some we don’t know about. We need your help to find those bugs. And we need your help to help us decide on what new features to put in the game.

General Guidance for Testing

  • If you notice something wrong with the game, write it down and try to remember exactly what you did before it happened.
  • If you want to be a really great tester, get Fraps, and record video. When you find a bug, upload the relevant video it to YouTube and send us the link.
  • If you can’t record video, screenshots are great too. Press PrintScreen to copy the screen to the clipboard. Upload that to imgur and send us the link.
  • In the plane designer, if you notice something funky, go to the Menu -> Submit Bug and tell us about it.
  • We have a known issues list, which we will continue to update. Check there before submitting a problem to us.


We are glad to hear your suggestions for the game. If you have an idea, follow these steps:

  • Go to the UserVoice site
  • Check and see if your idea already exists
  • If not, then submit a new idea
  • Make sure you click SimplePlanes for the category!

How to Play

The keyboard and joystick control mappings are listed here so you know how to actually play the game.

Right now there is only a sandbox mode, so there are no built in challenges to give you direction. We are working hard to bring you those challenges, but in the meantime here are some ideas:

  • Who can go the fastest?
  • Who can make the most ridiculous aircraft that actually flies?
  • Who can make an aircraft that weighs 40,000lbs and can actually take off?

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

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