SimplePlanes Update 1.6 – Breaking Wind

We’ve been quietly working on a new update for SimplePlanes and we just released it today. Here’s a trailer¬†showing the new features:


New Parts

  • Gyroscope – Keep your designs upright and build quadcopters
  • Sphere – Super advanced ball technology
  • Hemisphere – Half a sphere, for when you can’t afford a whole new sphere


  • Wind Physics
  • Wind Settings to control the wind in real-time
  • Windsocks
  • New Challenge – Cross Wind Landing
  • New Stock “Airplane” – Quadcopter
  • Tweaked the instrument panel user interface to improve the compass and add a wind heading indicator
  • XML-modding enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug preventing discovery of Featherfall Squall
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Mirage Speedway from showing up (or was that a joke that I didn’t get?)
  • Prevent Restart Here from working on challenges
  • Prevent AI planes from responding to player activation groups
  • Fixed a bug with drag on initially disconnected parts
  • Fixed a bug with tournament validation of part scale=”1,1,1″

Thanks for playing!

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