SimpleRockets is now on Steam

SimpleRockets is now available on Steam for PC and OSX! Here’s the launch trailer:


We’ve added a ton of new features, new parts, and new moons as well. The mobile version will receive all of this goodness too in a free update that is available from your chosen app store.

Here’s what we added in v1.6:

  • Added Batteries, Ion Engines, and Solid Rocket Boosters (available in Sandbox mode)
  • Added 5 new moons and a comet
  • Added water with realistic buoyancy physics!
  • Added Sandbox sharing – Now you can upload and share your sandbox with your friends
  • Added Mirror and Clone buttons in the editor
  • Added Undo and Redo buttons in the editor’s menu
  • Added easy switching between rockets
  • Replaced Leaderboards with Personal Best scores



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